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60-23-1 (Cysteamine)



Cysteamine Cysteamine
Name Cysteamine
Formula C2H7NS
MW 77.15
CAS No. 60-23-1
EINECS 200-463-0
Smiles NCCS
Synonyms 2-aminoethanethiol
InChI InChI=1S/C2H7NS/c3-1-2-4/h4H,1-3H2


Cysteamine is an agent for the treatment of nephropathic cystinosis and an antioxidant. Target: Others Cysteamine has been shown to increase intracellular glutathione levels in cystinotic cells, thus restoring the altered redox state of the cells.

Background Information

Cysteamine is an agent for the treatment of nephropathic cystinosis and an antioxidant. Target: Others Cysteamine has been shown to increase intracellular glutathione levels in cystinotic cells, thus restoring the altered redox state of the cells. Also increased rates of apoptosis in cystinotic cells, which are thought to be the result of increased caspase 3 and protein kinase Cε activity, is counteracted by Cysteamine administration. Cysteamine has antioxidant properties as a result of increasing glutathione production. Cysteamine is an excellent scavenger of OH and HOCl; it also reacts with H2O2. Cysteamine increases the production of several heat shock proteins (HSP), including the murine Hsp40. Cysteamine exerts a dose-dependent effect on the doxorubicin-induced death of cancer cells, measured in both HeLa cells and B16 cells, whereas Cysteamine treatment alone had no influence on cell survival. In addition, in a doxorubicin-resistant breast cancer cell line, the addition of Cysteamine to doxorubicin results in a dramatic increase in cell death [1]. Cysteamine (100 μM) significantly is able to increase the intracellular GSH levels and the percentage of embryos that developed to the blastocyst stage of culture matured oocytes [2]. ......by MedChemexpress Co., Ltd.
A mercaptoethylamine compound that is endogenously derived from the COENZYME A degradative pathway. The fact that cysteamine is readily transported into LYSOSOMES where it reacts with CYSTINE to form cysteine-cysteamine disulfide and CYSTEINE has led to its use in CYSTINE DEPLETING AGENTS for the treatment of CYSTINOSIS. ......by Target Molecule Corp.

Protocol(Only for Reference)

Cell Experiment

Animal Experiment


Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance: EBNumber:EB000011881

Storage condition


DMSO by MedChemexpress Co., Ltd.

Mechanism and Indication

Signaling Pathways Others
Target Others
Research Area Metabolic Disease

Clinical Information

Product Name Sponsor & Collaborators Indications Start Date End Date Phase
Cysteamine - Launched

Safety Data of Cysteamine

Hazard Symbols : Xn
Risk Statements : R22;R36/37/38
Safety Statements : S26;S36
Transport Information : UN 3335
RTECS : KJ0175000
WGKGermany : 3

Spectral Information


Suppliers List

Company Price and Availability Country/Region
Carbosynth Limited 25g/USD65()
MedChemexpress Co., Ltd. 5g/USD50(Get quote) USA
Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. 5g/USD69() USA
Shanghai Haoyuan Chemexpress Co., Ltd. 5g/USD48(Get quote);10g/USD82(Get quote) China
Shengkang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. China
Sigma-Aldrich, Inc. 5g/USD70() USA
Target Molecule Corp. 10mg/USD20();50mg/USD75();100mg/USD132() USA
Tianjin Heowns Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. China
Tokyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. 25g/USD50() Japan
Zhejiang Juhua Reagent Co., Ltd CHINA

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Cysteamine (Hydrochloride) 156-57-0 C2H8ClNS 113.61

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Afobazole (hydrochloride) 173352-39-1 C15H22ClN3O2S 343.87
FPH2 957485-64-2 C14H16ClN5O2S 353.83
α-Tocopherol (phosphate) 38976-17-9 C29H51O5P 510.69
BAMB-4 891025-25-5 C15H12N2O2 252.27
LDN-27219 312946-37-5 C20H16N4O2S2 408.5
ISO-1 478336-92-4 C12H13NO4 235.24
Aurothioglucose 12192-57-3 C6H11AuO5S 392.18
Oxybenzone 131-57-7 C14H12O3 228.24
ITX3 347323-96-0 C22H17N3OS 371.45
Cardiogreen 3599-32-4 C43H47N2NaO6S2 774.96
Skp2 Inhibitor C1 432001-69-9 C18H13BrN2O4S2 465.34
INH1 313553-47-8 C18H16N2OS 308.4
PF6-AM 1268491-69-5 C33H31BO12 630.4
XEN445 1515856-92-4 C18H17F3N2O3 366.33
Methyl N-ethyl-N-4-(5-nitro-2,1-benzisothiazol-3-yl)azophenyl-alaninate 52239-04-0 C19H19N5O4S 413.45
1,4-bis(Butylamino)anthraquinone 17354-14-2 C22H26N2O2 350.45
CID 797718 370586-05-3 C12H11NO3 217.22

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Route of Synthesis




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