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27200-12-0 (Dihydromyricetin)



Dihydromyricetin Dihydromyricetin
Name Dihydromyricetin
Formula C15H12O8
MW 320.25
CAS No. 27200-12-0
Smiles O=C1[[email protected]](O)[[email protected]@H](C2=CC(O)=C(O)C(O)=C2)OC3=CC(O)=CC(O)=C13
Synonyms Ampelopsin (flavanol); Ampeloptin; Dihydromyricetin; (2R,3R)-3,5,7-trihydroxy-2-(3,4,5-trihydroxyphenyl)chroman-4-one
InChI InChI=1S/C15H12O8/c16-6-3-7(17)11-10(4-6)23-15(14(22)13(11)21)5-1-8(18)12(20)9(19)2-5/h1-4,14-20,22H/t14-,15+/m0/s1


Dihydromyricetin is a potent inhibitor with an IC50 of 48 μM on dihydropyrimidinase. Dihydromyricetin can activate autophagy through inhibiting mTOR signaling.

Background Information

Dihydromyricetin (DHM), a natural flavonoid, exerts various bioactivities including anti-oxidative and hepatoprotective effects.Dihydromyricetin can protect HUVECs from oxidative stress damage, an effect that is mediated by the mitochondrial apoptotic pathways.Dihydromyricetin showed great antioxidative effect and would be a good natural antioxidant.Dihydromyricetin anti-alcohol effects on both behavior and CNS neurons were antagonized by flumazenil (10 mg/kg in vivo, 10 μM in vitro), the benzodiazepine (BZ) antagonist. Dihydromyricetin competitively inhibited BZ-site [3H]flunitrazepam binding (IC50, 4.36 μM), suggesting DHM interaction with EtOH involves the BZ-sites on GABAARs. ......by AbMole BioScience
Dihydromyricetin (Ampelopsin (flavanol); Ampeloptin) is a natural antioxidant with good prospects. ......by AdooQ BioScience, LLC
Dihydromyricetin (Ampelopsin, Ampeloptin) is a natural antioxidant flavonoid from Ampelopsis grossedentata. ......by BOC Sciences
Dihydromyricetin is a potent inhibitor with an IC50 of 48 μM on dihydropyrimidinase. Dihydromyricetin can activate autophagy through inhibiting mTOR signaling. Dihydromyricetin suppresses the formation of mTOR complexes (mTORC1/2). ......by MedChemexpress Co., Ltd.
Ampelopsin, also known as dihydromyricetin, is a type of flavonoid. It can be found in Cedrus deodara or in the Japanese raisin tree (Hovenia dulcis). It is also found in Erythrophleum africanum. The compound is credited with hepatoprotective effects observed in rodents. Use of Hovenia species in traditional Chinese herbal medicine as a hangover cure has led to research into the potential action of dihydromyricetin in counteracting the effects of alcohol in the brain. (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dihydromyricetin). ......by MedKoo Biosciences, Inc.
Ampelopsin is a Hepatoprotective agent. ......by MedKoo Biosciences, Inc.
Dihydromyricetin (Ampelopsin, Ampeloptin) is a natural antioxidant flavonoid from Ampelopsis grossedentata. ......by Selleck Chemicals LLC
Dihydromyricetin (Ampelopsin, Ampeloptin) is a natural antioxidant flavonoid from Ampelopsis grossedentata. ......by Target Molecule Corp.

Protocol(Only for Reference)

Cell Experiment

Animal Experiment


Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance:White to off-white Solid EBNumber:EB000015536

Storage condition

4°C by MedChemexpress Co., Ltd.


DMSO: ≥5 mg/mL (warmed) by CHEMSCENE, LLC
DMSO: ≥5 mg/mL (warmed) by MedChemexpress Co., Ltd.
(25°C) * In vitro DMSO 64 mg/mL (199.84 mM); Ethanol64 mg/mL (199.84 mM); Water<1 mg/mL (<1 mM) by Selleck Chemicals LLC

Mechanism and Indication

Signaling Pathways PI3K/Akt/mTOR Autophagy
Target mTOR Autophagy
Research Area Cancer

Clinical Information

Product Name Sponsor & Collaborators Indications Start Date End Date Phase
Dihydromyricetin - Not Found
Dihydromyricetin - No Development Reported

Safety Data of Dihydromyricetin


Spectral Information


Suppliers List

Company Price and Availability Country/Region
AA Blocks LLC
AbMole BioScience USA
AdooQ BioScience, LLC USA
Apexbio Technology LLC USA
Ark Pharm, Inc. USA
BLD Pharmatech
BOC Sciences
Biochempartner Co., Ltd China
CHEMSCENE, LLC 5mg/USD60();10mg/USD78() USA
Cayman Chemical Company USA
Changsha Staherb Natural Ingredients Co., Ltd. China
Chaozhou Zerun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. China
MedChemexpress Co., Ltd. 5mg/USD60();10mg/USD78() USA
MedKoo Biosciences, Inc. USA
MedKoo Biosciences, Inc. USA
Microherb Inc. China
Ningbo Dekang Biochem Co., Ltd. China
Selleck Chemicals LLC 5mg/USD170(In stock);10mM/1mLIn DMSO/USD220(In stock);10mg/USD320(In stock);50mg/USD970(In stock);200mg/USD2470(In stock) USA
Shanghai Forever Biotech Co., Ltd. China
Shanghai Haoyuan Chemexpress Co., Ltd. 5mg/USD60();10mg/USD78() China
Target Molecule Corp. 5mg/USD24();10mg/USD43();20mg/USD67();100mg/USD177();250mg/USD329() USA

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SAR245409 934493-76-2 C13H14N6O 270.29
AP20187 195514-80-8 C82H107N5O20 1482.75
Nandrolone 434-22-0 C18H26O2 274.4
LY 303511 154447-38-8 C19H18N2O2 306.36
XL388 1251156-08-7 C23H22FN3O4S 455.5
Salidroside 10338-51-9 C14H20O7 300.3
nandrolone decanoate 360-70-3 C28H44O3 428.65
mTOR-IN-1 1207358-59-5 C25H30N8O2 474.56
ETP-46464 1345675-02-6 C30H22N4O2 470.52
AP1903 195514-63-7 C78H98N4O20 1411.63
QL-IX-55 1223002-54-7 C24H14F4N4O 450.39
WAY-600 1062159-35-6 C28H30N8O 494.59
WYE-687 1062161-90-3 C28H32N8O3 528.61
GDC-0349 1207360-89-1 C24H32N6O3 452.55
AZD2014 1009298-59-2 C25H30N6O3 462.54
PF-04691502 1013101-36-4 C22H27N5O4 425.48
BEZ235 (Tosylate) 1028385-32-1 C37H31N5O4S 641.74
GNE-477 1032754-81-6 C21H28N8O3S2 504.63
GNE-493 1033735-94-2 C17H20N6O2S 372.44
PI-103 (Hydrochloride) 371935-79-4 C19H17ClN4O3 384.82

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