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471-53-4 (18β-Glycyrrhetinic acid)



18β-Glycyrrhetinic acid 18β-Glycyrrhetinic acid
Name 18β-Glycyrrhetinic acid
Formula C30H46O4
MW 470.6838
CAS No. 471-53-4
EINECS 207-444-6
Smiles CC1(C)[[email protected]@H](O)CC[[email protected]]([[email protected]@]1([H])CC[[email protected]@]([[email protected]@]2(CC[[email protected]]3(CC[[email protected]](C(O)=O)(C[[email protected]]3(C2=C4)[H])C)C)C)5C)(C)[[email protected]@]5([H])C4=O
Synonyms Glycyrrhetin
InChI InChI=1S/C30H46O4/c1-25(2)21-8-11-30(7)23(28(21,5)10-9-22(25)32)20(31)16-18-19-17-27(4,24(33)34)13-12-26(19,3)14-15-29(18,30)6/h16,19,21-23,32H,8-15,17H2,1-7H3,(H,33,34)/t19-,21-,22-,23+,26+,27-,28-,29+,30+/m0/s1


18β-Glycyrrhetinic acid is the major bioactive component of Glycyrrhizae Radix and possesses anti-ulcerative, anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative properties.

Background Information

Glycyrrhetinic acid inhibits the enzymes (15-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase and delta-13-prostaglandin) that metabolize the prostaglandins PGE-2 and PGF-2α to their respective 15-keto-13,14-dihydro metabolites which are inactive.
......by AdooQ BioScience, LLC
Enoxolone is a pentacyclic triterpenoid derivative of the beta-amyrin type obtained from the hydrolysis of glycyrrhizic acid, which was obtained from the herb liquorice. ......by BOC Sciences
β-Glycyrrhetinic acid is a major metabolite of glycyrrhizin, one of the main constituents of licorice. It inhibits 15-PGDH (15-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase) leading to increased prostaglandin concentration in the digestive system. Displays anti-ulcerative, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory properties. In addition, β-Glycyrrhetinic acid inhibits mammalian DNA polymerases α, γ, κ, and λ with IC₅₀ values of 16.1, 19.3, 15.8, and 13.7 μM, respectively. Also protects liver against the toxic effect of chemotherapeutic alkylating agents via activation of Nrf2 (NF-E2-related factor-2) and PPARγ. ......by BioVision, Inc.,
18β-Glycyrrhetinic acid is the major bioactive component of Glycyrrhizae Radix and possesses anti-ulcerative, anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative properties. ......by MedChemexpress Co., Ltd.
Enoxolone, also known as Glycyrrhetic acid, is an 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase inhibitor used to treat inflammation. Enoxolone is used topically for allergic or infectious skin inflammation and orally for its aldosterone effects in electrolyte regulation. ......by MedKoo Biosciences, Inc.
Enoximone is a selective phosphodiesterase inhibitor with vasodilating and positive inotropic activity that does not cause changes in myocardial oxygen consumption. It is used in patients with congestive heart failure. Trials were halted in the U.S., but the drug is used in various countries. ......by Target Molecule Corp.

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Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance: EBNumber:EB000015301

Storage condition


(25°C) * In vitro DMSO 94 mg/mL (199.71 mM); Water<1 mg/mL (<1 mM); Ethanol<1 mg/mL (<1 mM); In vivo 2% DMSO+30% PEG 300+5% Tween 80+ddH2O10mg/mL by Selleck Chemicals LLC

Mechanism and Indication

Signaling Pathways
Research Area

Clinical Information

Product Name Sponsor & Collaborators Indications Start Date End Date Phase
18β-Glycyrrhetinic acid - No Development Reported

Safety Data of 18β-Glycyrrhetinic acid

Hazard Symbols : Xn
Risk Statements : R22;R36
Safety Statements : S22;S24/25
RTECS : RK0180000
WGKGermany : 3

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18β-Glycyrrhetinic acid

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