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Company Country & Region Website
Lianyungang Deyang Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.deychem.com
Lianyungang Dongjin Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.djhgx.com.cn
Lianyungang Dongtai Food Ingredients Co., Ltd. China www.lygdt.com
Lianyungang Famous Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.famouschem.cn
Lianyungang Fuze Biotech Co., Ltd. China www.lygfuzebiotech.com
Lianyungang Gabriel Bio-chem Technology Co., Ltd. China www.gabrielpharm.com
Lianyungang Gabriel Bio-chem technology Co.Ltd CHINA www.lyggabriel.com
Lianyungang Guike Pharmaceutical Co., ltd. China www.guikepharm.com
Lianyungang Guiyuan Chempharm Co., Ltd CHINA www.guiyuanchempharm.com
Lianyungang Haifeng Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.hfchemicals.com
Lianyungang Hanlin Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.hanlinchem.com
Lianyungang Huanyu Seaweed Co., Ltd. China www.lyghyhz.com
Lianyungang Jari Chempharm Co., Ltd CHINA www.jaripharm.com
Lianyungang Jinkang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. China www.jinkang-pharma.com
Lianyungang Jinyang Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.jinfengchem.com
Lianyungang Jinyang Chemical Co.,Ltd.(Jintan Jinfeng Chemical Co., Ltd.) CHINA www.jinyangchem.cn
Lianyungang Legend Flame Retardant Science Co., Ltd. China www.llfr.com
Lianyungang Lianlian Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.lianlianchem.com
Lianyungang Liben Agro-chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.lygpesticide.com
Lianyungang Marine Chemical Co., Ltd. is CHINA www.seabr.com
Lianyungang Qunsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.qunshengchem.com
Lianyungang Revolution Chemicals Co., Ltd CHINA www.revo-chem.com
Lianyungang Ruifeng Chemical Co., Ltd. CHINA www.rfchem.com
Lianyungang Runze Chemical Co., Ltd. CHINA www.jiangnanchem.com
Lianyungang Sheng He Biotechnology Co., Ltd. China www.chsh-chem.com
Lianyungang Taiyi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.shidachem.com
Lianyungang Tetrafluor New Materials Co., Ltd. China www.chinazzf.net
Lianyungang Tongyuan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. China www.lygtychem.com
Lianyungang United Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.lyg-china.com
Lianyungang Yinghai Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.yinghaichem.com
Lianyungang Zhongcheng Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.zc-chem.com
Lianyungang Zhongda Seaweed Co., Ltd. China www.zhongdaseaweed.com
Lianyungang Zhongda Seaweed Industrial Co., Ltd. China www.alginate.cn
Lianyungang Zhongyi Fine Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. China www.zhongyichem.cn
Lianyungang Zhuogao International Trade Co., Ltd. China www.zgglobal.com
Lianyungang Ziyan Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.ziyanchem.com
Liaocheng Ruijie Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.lcruijie.com
Liaocheng Zhonglian Industry Co., Ltd. China www.zhonglianchemical.com
Liaoning Bio-medical Technology Co., Ltd CHINA www.liaoningmedical.com
Liaoning Chedom Pharmachem Co., Ltd. China www.haide-chem.com
Liaoning Fuller Trade Co., Ltd CHINA www.fullerchina.com
Liaoning Hongtai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. China www.lnhtbio.com
Liaoning Huahai-Lanfan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. China www.hhlfchem.com
Liaoning Institute of Energy Resouce China www.lnsnys.com
Liaoning Jiakai Refined Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.jiakai.net
Liaoning Jinchao Chemical Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.jinchaochem.com
Liaoning Kelong Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. China www.kelongchem.com
Liaoning Qingyang Chemical Indutrial Co., Ltd CHINA www.qycc.com
Liaoning Ruixing (Holdings) Ltd. CHINA www.lychem.net
Liaoning Shixing Pharmceutical & Chemical Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.hldsxyh.cn
Liaoning Tianhe Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.tianhechem.com
Liaoning Tianhua Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.thflu.com
Liaoning Yingfa Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd. CHINA www.yppharm.com.cn
Liaoyang City Council blessing chemical plant CHINA www.hf18chem.com
Liaoyang Dingxin Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.dingxinchem.com
Liaoyang Diol Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.liaoyangdiol.com
Liaoyang Fuda Chemical Products Co., Ltd. China www.fudachem.net
Liaoyang Fuqiang Food Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.fqgluconates.com
Liaoyang Guanghua Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.china-lgh.com
Liaoyang Hongma Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.hongmachem.com
Liaoyang Hongtai Chemical Co., Ltd. CHINA www.china-organics.com
Liaoyang Huahai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd CHINA www.lyhhchem.com
Liaoyang Huifu Chemical Factory CHINA www.hfchem.net
Liaoyang Jiazhi Industry Co.,Ltd CHINA www.lyjzsy.com
Liaoyang Jiulong Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.jiulong-chem.com
Liaoyang Liangang Dyes Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.lyliangangdyes.com
Liaoyang Petroleum chemical plant chemical fiber company Yinghua CHINA www.ceep.com.cn
Liaoyang Qingyang Chemical Products Co., Ltd. Meta-Cresol Factory China www.chinam-cresol.com
Liaoyang Tiancheng Chemistry Co., Ltd. China www.lytcchem.cn
Liaoyang Tianyuan Chemical Plant CHINA www.edta-fe.com
Liaoyang Wanrong Chemicals Company Limited China www.eddha-fe.com
Liaoyang Woolong Technology Chemical Factory China www.woolong.cn
Liaoyang Yufeng Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.yfhexane.com
Liaoyang Yutian chemical plant CHINA www.yutian-chem.com
Liaoyang Zhongnuo Chemical & Industry Co., Ltd. China www.zhongnuochem.com
Liaoyang Zhongnuo Chemical & Industry Co., Ltd CHINA www.zhongnuochem.cn
Liaoyang Zhongxin Chemical Co.,Ltd CHINA www.lyzxchem.com
Liaoyuan Dikang Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. CHINA www.boanpharm.com
Liaoyuan Fuyang Chemicals Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.foryouchem.com
Lier Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.lierchem.com
Life Chemicals Inc. Canada www.lifechemicals.com
Lightchem Limited China www.light-chem.com
Lin'an integrity Chemical Co. CHINA www.lacxhg.com
Linan Tianhong Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.tianhongchem.com
Ling Ao Shanghai Chemical Co. CHINA www.aolingchem.com
Lingtaixin Science Co., Ltd CHINA www.lingtaixin.com
Lingxian Sunshine Coating & Auxiliaries Factory China www.sun-dyes.com
Linhai Chenguang Pharmaceutical Chemical Factory CHINA www.cgpharmchem.com
Linhai City Duqi Fine Chemical Factory (Jiangsu Province coastal Hua-ying Fine Chemicals Limited) CHINA www.huayingchemical.com
Linhai Duqiao Fine Chemical Factory China www.duqiaochem.com
Linhai Haixing Chemical Factory China www.lhhxchem.com
Linhai Jinqiao Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.jq-chem.com
Linhai Jixiang Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.jixiangchem.com
Linhai Kaile Chemical Factory China www.kailechem.com
Linhai Limin Chemicals Co., Ltd. CHINA www.limin.com.cn
Linhai Limin Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.liminchemical.com
Linhai Wonderful-Trading Co., Ltd. China www.wonderfult.com
Linhai Xinghua Chemical Factory China www.xinghuachemical.com
Linhai Yida Trading Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.yidatrade.com
Linhai Zhedong Special Type Reagents Plant CHINA www.zdtzsj.com