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Company Country & Region Website
H & C Scientific Resources International LLC USA www.hc-chemical.com
H & C Biochemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.isomalt-china.com
H&S Chemical Co. Inc. USA www.hschem.com
H. W. Sands USA www.hwsands.com
Hach Company, Inc. USA www.hach.com
Haian Hongxin Chemical Factory CHINA www.hahxchem.com
Haichen Minchem Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.haichenco.com
Haicheng Exce Technology Co., Ltd. China www.excechem.com
Haicheng Huarong Synthesize Chemical Plant China www.synchem.net
Haikou Hengkangda Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.hkdchem.com
Haikou Lancent Industrial Co., Ltd. China www.lancent-chem.com
Haikou Manfangyuan Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.0898mankang.com
Haikou Winbond Chemical Co. CHINA www.huabangchem.com
Haimen Best Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.bestfine.com
Haimen Fu Kai Electronic Co., Ltd CHINA www.newfukai.com
Haimen HaoYuan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. China www.hypharmtech.com
Haimen Hi-Science Chemical Assistant Works CHINA www.nthx.cn
Haimen Huanyu Chemical Factory CHINA www.huanyuchem.com
Haimen Jiangbin No.2 Chemical Industry Factory(Nantong Jihai Chemical Co.,Ltd.) CHINA www.jbchemicals.com
Haimen Ruifeng Color Co., Ltd CHINA www.hmrfyl.com
Haimen RuiYi Medical Tech Co., Ltd. China www.ruiyitech.cn
Haimen Xinghong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd CHINA www.hmxhchem.cn
Haimen Zhaofeng Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.zf-chem.com
Hainan Flying Electronic Technology Ltd. CHINA www.hnft.com.cn
Hainan Huarong Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.huarongroup.com
Hainan Manfangyuan Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.hnmfy.com
Hainan Pharchem Industry Co., Ltd CHINA www.pharchem.com
Hainan Poly Pharm Co., Ltd. China www.hnpoly.com
Hainan Shunyuan Chemtech. Co., Ltd CHINA www.shunyuan88.com
Hainan Sinoti Investment Co., Ltd. China www.hnsinoti.com
Hainan Super Biotech Co., Ltd. China www.suptek.com.cn
Hainan Yueyang Biotech Co., Ltd. China www.0898sw.com
Hainan Zhongxin Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.zxchem.com.cn
Haining Fengming Chlorophyll Co., Ltd. China www.fengming.com
Haining Hongrui Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. China www.hongruichem.com
Haining Hongyu Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.hongyuchem.com
Haining Huangshan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. China www.hschem.com.cn
Haining Light Industry Trade Co., Ltd. China www.lipigment.com
Haining Modern Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.modernchemical.com
Haining Sino Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.sinofinechem.com
Haining Tongyaun Chemical Factory China www.tongyuanchem.com
Haining Zhonglian Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.zlchemical.com
Haiso Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. China www.haisochem.com
Haite Chemical Plant CHINA www.jihuatmp.com
Haiyan Boda Fine chemical Co., Ltd.(Zhejiang HaiYan Pesticide Plant) CHINA www.hyagrochemicals.com
Haiyan New Century Petrification Equipment Co.,Ltd CHINA www.hypetrifaction.com
Haiyan Xidi Auxiliary Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.chinaxidi.com
Haiyi Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.chemicalhy.com
Hallochem Pharma Co., Ltd CHINA www.hallochem.com
Halocarbon Products Corporation USA www.halocarbon.com
Hamari Chemicals, Ltd. Japan www.hamarichemicals.com
Han Billion Metals and Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.hanbillion.com
HanChem Co., Ltd. Head Office South Korea www.hanchem.net
Handan Furong Chemical Auxiliary Agent Co., Ltd. China www.hebfurong.com
Handan Guangzheng Disinfectant Co., Ltd CHINA www.gz-chem.com
Handan Hanshan Welfare Fine Chemical Factory CHINA www.handanchem.com
Handan Huajun Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.huajunchem.com
Handan Iron & Steel Group Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.hangangchem.com
Handan Kangrui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. China www.krpharma.cn
Handan Kezheng Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.hdkzhg.com
Handan Liye Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.hdlyhk.com
Handan Ruibang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.ruibangchem.com
Handan Tianmu Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.chinatianmuchem.com
Handan Xindiya Chemical Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.xdychem.com.cn
HanDan YuShuo Chemical Exp&Imp Co., Ltd. China www.yushuochem.com
Hande Industry & Trade Holdings Ltd. China www.hande.cn
Hande Pharma Limited China www.handepharm.com
Hande Sciences USA www.handechem.com
Hande Sciences China www.handesciences.com
Handling Chemicals Ltd. China www.hdcchem.com
Hangzhou Advanced Calcium Carbonate Chemical Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.hzacc.com
Hangzhou Anben Chemicals Co., Ltd CHINA www.ab-chem.com
Hangzhou Angtai Biotech. Co., Ltd. China www.atbio.com.cn
Hangzhou Aowei Bioengineering Co., Ltd. CHINA www.aowei21.com
Hangzhou Aroma Chemical Company China www.hangzhouaroma.com
Hangzhou Arondyes Chemical Co.,Ltd.(Jingzhou Arondyes Chemical Co.,Ltd.) CHINA www.arondyes.com
Hangzhou Banghua Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.banghuachem.com
Hangzhou Best Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.bestchems.com
Hangzhou Bettersky Pharmtech Co., Ltd CHINA www.betterskypharm.com
Hangzhou Bi silicone Limited (formerly West Lake, Hangzhou Silicone Plant) CHINA www.hzkcxigui.com
Hangzhou Bio-and Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.baokaichem.com
Hangzhou Bioking Biochemical Engineering Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.biokingco.com
Hangzhou Bm Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.bmchemical.com
Hangzhou Caino Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.cainochem.com
Hangzhou Chem4s Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.chem4s.com
Hangzhou Chemear Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.chemear.com
Hangzhou Chemfar Ltd. China www.chemfar.cn
Hangzhou Chengshi Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.hostpigment.com
Hangzhou Chiral Medicine Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.chiralchem.com
Hangzhou Choushan Bleaching Earth Co., Ltd CHINA www.chinachoushan.com
Hangzhou Chuanhua Huayang Chemical Co. CHINA www.whyyon.com
Hangzhou Coben Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.cobenpharm.com
Hangzhou Colorific Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.colorific-chem.com
Hangzhou constant trade Chemical Co. CHINA www.hz-hmhg.com
Hangzhou Cowin Pharma Co., Ltd. China www.cowinpharma.com
Hangzhou Dakang Chemicals Co., Ltd CHINA www.dakangchem.com
Hangzhou Dayoo Co., Ltd. China www.dayoochem.com
Hangzhou Deli Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.dlchemical.com