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Company Country & Region Website
EA Consulting USA www.ea-synthconsulting.com
Easchem Industrial Corporation China www.easchem.com
East China University of Technology Huachang Polymers Ltd. CHINA www.hchp.com.cn
East Fine Chemical Factory Yixing CHINA www.eastfinechem.com
East High Zibo Chemical Co. CHINA www.donggaochem.com
East Million Asia Limited CHINA www.eastmillion.com
East of the Yongjia Chemical Co. CHINA www.ddchem.com.cn
Eastar Chemical Corporation China www.eastarchem.com
Eastar Chemical Corporation USA www.eastar.com
Eastbang Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. China www.eastbangpharma.cn
Eastbang Pharmaceuticals Science & Technology Co., Ltd CHINA www.gobuy.hk
Eastern Chemical Corp. USA www.easternchemicalcorp.com
Eastern Sources Inc USA www.easternsourcess.com
Easternchem Company Limited China www.easternchem.com.cn
Eastpro Technology Inc. China www.eastprotech.com
Ebian Puhui Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd CHINA www.scphchem.com
Ebiochem China www.ebiochem.com
Eburon Organics bvba Belgium www.eburon-organics.com
ECA International Corporation USA www.ecacorporation.com
ECEM European Chemical Marketing BV THE NETHERLANDS www.ecem.com
Echo Resins and Laboratory USA www.echorez.com
Ecochem Specialties Ltd. China www.ecochem.cn
Ecolec BVBA Belgium www.ecolec.be
EDASA SA Switzerland www.edasascientific.com
Edengene Chemical Limited China www.edengenechem.com
EJY Tech Inc. USA www.ejytech.com
Elan Chemical Inc. USA www.elan-chemical.com
Electrochemical plant of Shandong Gaomi Gaoyuan Enterprise Group Company CHINA www.gaoyuandh.com
Electron Microscopy Sciences USA www.emsdiasum.com
Elkimia, Inc. CANADA www.elkimia.com
Ellanova Laboratories USA www.ellanovalabs.com
Elsevier MDL USA www.mdl.com
Embio Limited India www.embio.co.in
Emco Dyestuff Pvt. Ltd. INDIA www.emcochemicals.com
EMCO Industrial Plastics, Inc. USA www.emcoplastics.net
EMD Biosciences, Inc. USA www.novagen.com
EMD Biosciences, Inc. USA www.calbiochem.com
EMD Chemicals Inc. USA www.emdchemicals.com
EMD Millipore USA www.emdmillipore.com
EMD Millipore USA www.emd-millipore.com
Emerald Kalama Chemical USA www.noveoninc.com
Emerald-Shanghai Incorporation CHINA www.emerald-shanghai.com
Empire Chemicals USA www.empirechemicals.com
Enamine Ltd. Ukraine www.enamine.net
Enantia, S.L. Spain www.enantia.com
Enantiotech Corporation Limited China www.enantiotech.com
EnciPharmatech Co., Ltd CHINA www.encipharmatech.com
Endeavour Speciality Chemicals Ltd. www.endeavourchem.co.uk
Endotherm GmbH Germany www.endotherm-lsm.com
ENDOTHERM GmbH GERMANY www.endotherm.de
Endura S.p.A. Italy www.endura.it
Engee Roshan (Shanghai) Co., Ltd CHINA www.apichina.biz
Enjoye C&G (Xiamen) Bioengineering Co., Ltd. China www.enjoye-world.com
Ennova MedChem Group Inc., formerly Arch Corporation USA www.ennovamedchem.com
eNovation Chemicals LLC USA www.enovationchem.com
Enpeak Technology Co. Ltd. CHINA www.enpeak.com
Ensky Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.ensky-chemical.com
Enzal Chemicals (India) Limited INDIA www.enzal.com
EnzMed (Nanjing) Co., Ltd CHINA www.enzmed.com
Enzo Life Sciences International Inc. USA www.enzolifesciences.com
Eonian Enterprise Co., Ltd. Taiwan, China www.eonian.com.tw
EPL Bio-Analytical Services, Inc. USA www.eplbas.com
Epoch Biosciences (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd CHINA www.epochbiopharm.com
Epochem Co., Ltd. China www.epochem.com
Epsilon Chimie Chemical Manufacturer France www.epsilon-chimie.com
Equinox Chemicals USA www.eqxchem.com
Erdos Flourishing Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.xtlchem.com
Ereztech LLC USA www.ereztech.com
Erric Industries USA www.erricindustries.com
Eskay Engichem Private Limited India www.eskayengichem.net
ESPI Corp Inc. USA www.espi-metals.com
Esprit Chemical Company USA www.esprixtech.com
Essen Scientific LLC USA www.essenscientific.com
Essenchem Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.chinese-pesticide.com
Esstech Inc. USA www.esstechinc.com
Eterna CHINA www.eternal.com.tw
Eternal Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.eternal-group.com
Eternal Light International Trade(Taicang) Inc. China www.elit-inc.com
Euchemy industry Co. Limited. CHINA www.euchemy.com
Eureka chemicals INDIA www.eurekachem.com
EURO - Sarm Czech www.eurosarm.cz
Euroasia Trans Continental INDIA www.euroasiachem.com
Eurochim Russia www.eurochimgroup.com
Eurocontal SA SPAIN www.eurocontal.com
Eurolabs Limited www.eurolabs.co.uk
Eutec Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.eutec.com.cn
Euticals S.p.A. ITALY www.euticalsgroup.com
Euticals S.p.A. Italy www.euticals.com
Evans Chemetics LP USA www.evans-chemetics.com
Ever-thriving Trading Co., Ltd. China www.cbxchem.com
Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation Taiwan, China www.ecic.com
Everlight Chemiecolor Enterprise Philippines www.everlightchemiecolor.com
Evershine Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.evershinechem.net
Evershine Chemical Products INDIA www.evershinechem.com
Everspring Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.everspringchem.com
Evonik Degussa GmbH Germany www.evonik.com
Evonik Degussa Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. China www.rexim.fr
Excalibur Lipid Technology, Inc. USA www.excaliburlipid.com
Excel Asia Enterprises Ltd. China www.excel-asia.cn
Excenen Pharmatech Co., Ltd. China www.excenen.com