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Glassven C.A.


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Company Name:Glassven C.A.

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Web: www.glassven.com TEL:+ 58 244 3212353 Fax:+ 58 244 3223607 Email:[email protected]

Products of Glassven C.A.

  • Chemical Name: MOLECULAR SIEVE
    CAS No.: 1344-00-9 Purity: Appearances:
    Brand: Synonyms: CRYSTALLINE SODIUM POTASSIU... Quality Control & MSDS Files:
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    Fine white powder. Many ordinary rocks (feldspars) are aluminosilicates. Aluminosilicates with more open three-dimensional structures than the feldspars are called zeolites. The openings in zeolites appear as polyhedral cavities connected by tunnels. Zeolites act as catalysts by absorbing small molecules in their interior cavities and ...