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Aversion Technologies, Inc.


Basic Information

Company Name:Aversion Technologies, Inc.

Business Type:Chemical manufacturer

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Introduction of Aversion Technologies, Inc.

Web: www.aversiontech.com TEL:+1 (202) 657-6300 Fax: Email:[email protected]

Products of Aversion Technologies, Inc.

  • Chemical Name: Andrographolide
    CAS No.: 5508-58-7 Purity: Appearances: White to off-white Solid
    Brand: Synonyms: Andrographis; Andrographoli... Quality Control & MSDS Files:
    Price and Availability:
    Brief introduction:

    Andrographolide is a <b>NF-κB</b> inhibitor, which inhibits NF-κB activation through covalent modification of a cysteine residue on <b>p50</b> in endothelial cells without affecting IκBα degradation or p50/p65 nuclear translocation.

  • Chemical Name: Denatonium (benzoate)
    CAS No.: 3734-33-6 Purity: Appearances: Light yellow to yellow Solid
    Brand: Synonyms: THS-839 Quality Control & MSDS Files:
    Price and Availability:
    Brief introduction:

    Denatonium, also known as Bitrex, is a bitterant (or bitter agonist). Denatonium activates bitter taste receptors on many cell types and plays important roles in chemical release, ciliary beating and smooth muscle relaxation through intracellular Ca(2+)-dependent pathways. Denatonium significantly effects cellular morphology, decrease...