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Aurum Pharmatech, LLC


Basic Information

Company Name:Aurum Pharmatech, LLC

Business Type:Chemical manufacturer

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Introduction of Aurum Pharmatech, LLC

AURUM Pharmatech LLC is global chemical provider for Research and Development companies and academia. Our products are widely utilized in process of small molecule drug discovery, chemical biology, lead generation, screening library preparation and agrochemical discovery programs. Our core business is providing Chemical Building Blocks which includes functionalized heterocycles, boronic acids, carbonyl compounds, halogenated compounds, alkynes, azides and many others. Our catalog consists of more than 180,000 chemical compounds with delivery time ranging from 1- 4 weeks for smaller scale.

Web: www.aurumpharmatech.com TEL:+1 (888) 614-9970 / 614-9980 Fax:+1 (855) 534-2087 Email:[email protected],[email protected]

Products of Aurum Pharmatech, LLC

  • Chemical Name: Citarinostat
    CAS No.: 1316215-12-9 Purity: Appearances: White to off-white Solid
    Brand: Synonyms: ACY241;ACY-241;ACY 241 Quality Control & MSDS Files:
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    Brief introduction:

    Citarinostat (ACY-241) is an orally available selective <b>HDAC6</b> inhibitor with IC50 of 2.6 nM and 46 nM for HDAC6 and HDAC3, respectively. It has 13 to 18-fold selectivity towards HDAC6 in comparison to HDAC1-3.

  • Chemical Name: Ligustrazine (hydrochloride)
    CAS No.: 76494-51-4 Purity: Appearances:
    Brand: Synonyms: Tetramethylpyrazine HCl, Te... Quality Control & MSDS Files:
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    Brief introduction:

    Tetramethylpyrazine, also known as ligustrazine, is a chemical compound found in natto and in fermented cocoa beans with anti-inflammation, antioxidant, antiplatelet, and antiapoptosis activities.

  • Chemical Name: N-Methylthiazole-2-methanamine
    CAS No.: 144163-68-8 Purity: Appearances:
    Brand: Synonyms: N-Methyl-[(1,3-thiazol-2-yl... Quality Control & MSDS Files:
    Price and Availability:
    Brief introduction: